The Azaylia Foundation
Cowshed Social Brand Ideation 2.0
AGORA Tutorials, IGTV
The Hook Style & Brand Guide (August - October 2018)
Trolly Brand Guidelines and Development
CSA Farmshare Brand Style Guidelines
The Breakdown With Jamali Maddix Style, Logos & Content
Nova Black: Experience The Taste of Africa
Everything Student Style & Branding
Everything Student: Christmas Special
Noise Media Brand Guidelines
SIN: Social Influencer Network
Stash: The Student Money Saving Application (Concept)
Julius Dein (Cancelled Commissioned Branding Project)
The East London Photographer Covers
The Hook Fit Style & Branding
HMKM: How Music Killed The Musician
Paradise Coast Logo Design
Youtube Thumbnails: The Hook MK.III
Presentation Showcase MK.2
27 LOGOS/MARKS 17' - 19'
Hypit: New Website Prototyping
Hypit X New York City: Social Competition
Hypit: Email Design.
Hypit Tshirts: Would You Hypit
De Montfort University Music Society 2015 Logo Rework
De Montfort University Music Society Posters 15/16
De Montfort University Music Society 2015 Tshirts
The DMU Dance Society: ONE TWO STEP
DMU Music Society Present Logos
Old Project: Mental britain
Checkland: Squier Blacksmith
Editoral, Photography and Videography: NME
Become Incognito 2014
Anthroavis (Uni Project)
Folio: Ghost Stories
Muscle Bird
Hot Birds
Chocolate Birds
Illustrating Faces (2013)
The Stencil You Spray
BanterKing: Rude Cards
Banterking: Coffee Mugs
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